Slot Machines at Your Next Event.

Looking to add a spark to your next event? Mix things up at your casino night party with our slot machine rentals.

These machines provide intrigue and excitement by pulling the lever and watching the reels spin. The Slots generate lots of excitement and cheers that are fun for players of all ages.

Simply put, adding slot machines to your event will add that extra sight, sound and effect that makes it feel like your actualy in Vegas. Your guests will love them.

Casino Slots pay out a variety of winnings depending how much you wager and require less skill than games such as black jack and poker so that people are less intimidated.

Make your night complete. Try your luck. Give the lever a pull and see if you hit the jackpot at your casino night. Our slot machines are a great addition to any Casino Party Fun Night!

slot machine rentals

Our “Slot Machines” are for entertainment Purposes ONLY, and the skill stop mechanism makes them legal for our Casino Party Fun Nights. Slot machines are token operated.

Slot machine dimensions are 2 1/2ft tall x 1 1/2ft wide x 1ft deep and can accommodate 1 player. If player doesn’t know how to play the game, the slot machine attendant will be gladly to teach them.